Text-based social media

Text-based social media


There is now a Facebook group for Quakers in Kent, called Kent Quakers. The group is private. This means that it is for the exclusive use of Friends (Members and Regular Attenders), cannot be gate-crashed by internet trolls. If you would like to join the group, please e-mail websitemanager@kentquakers.org.uk saying who you are and with which Quaker Meeting you are associated.  


Kent Quakers is also the name of the Twitter account associated with this website. If you have a Twitter account, you can send a message to Kent Quakers using @KentQuakers. You may choose to ‘follow’ Kent Quakers.

Whilst some of the tweets shown here are by Kent Quakers, others are retweets from other (mostly) Quaker Twitter accounts.Visit the Kent Quakers Twitter timeline to see which Twitter accounts are being ‘followed’. Please feel encouraged to suggest further Quaker-related Twitter accounts to ‘follow’.

Clicking on a tweet shown below opens the tweet in Twitter. Doing this shows the context of the tweet, as well as its date and time.