Website Registration

Whilst anyone is welcome to browse the pages of this website, some functions, notably the discussion fora, are reserved exclusively for Members and Attenders of Local Meetings in East Kent Area Meeting. In order to access reserved functions, it is necessary first to register, for which the following information is required:

  • your use name (e.g. George)
  • your family name (e.g. Fox)
  • your e-mail address (e.g., and
  • the name of the Local Meeting (e.g. Broadstairs) you attend.

Please e-mail your details here

Should your e-mail program not load automatically when clicking the underscored link above, please launch your e-mail program independently, compose a new e-mail stating the requested information, and send the e-mail to:

At the completion of the registration process, you will be sent an e-mail stating your ‘user name’ and your password. These two pieces of information are used when you log in. For security reasons, the password is almost impossible to remember, and is demanding to type. It is suggested, therefore, that the first time you log in, you cut and paste the password onto the log in form and ask your browser to remember it.

Registration is a once-only process. Logging in, on the other hand, is required every session.

[In due course, this page will be replaced by an online form.]