Password Protection

Password Protection

Almost the entire website is open for browsing by the general public: very little is hidden. However, there are individual webpages that have been password protected. These pages can be accessed only by using a relevant password. 

There are two reasons for this password protection:

  1. Some webpages are intended exclusively for use by Members of a specific Local Meeting. Such pages are protected with a password applicable to all password protected pages belonging to that Local Meeting alone. Not all Local Meetings have password protected pages.
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  3. Some webpages have been comment-enabled, allowing people to write and leave comments. Comments pages have proved to be a magnet for spam, and as a result we have attracted huge volumes of spam, which is both time-consuming and tedious to delete. By password protecting such pages, spammers have no access to them. All Comments pages currently share the same password.

Should you encounter a password protected page that you would be interested to visit, please e-mail the East Kent Area Meeting website manager, giving your full name, and the Local Meeting to which you are attached. 

If you are neither a Member nor a Regular Attender at a Local Meeting of East Kent Area Meeting, please indicate why you wish to access a password protected page. 

In order to thwart concerted attempts by unauthorised people to access areas of the website they are not entitled to visit, all passwords are changed with some frequency. This means that, from time to time, a password will expire and a fresh password will have to be obtained.