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Folkestone: We Want to Share…

Folkestone Meeting has a small library of Quaker-related books. However, between them, Folkestone Friends also have a great many more books, and not all of them solely Quaker-related. The Light may come from a variety of sources. Some Folkestone Friends are eager to allow other Folkestone Friends to borrow books that have been important to them or influential on their understanding.

Please find below a list of books available to anyone attending Folkestone Meeting to borrow, to read and to return. If you would like to borrow a specific book, simply contact the owner of the book and arrange to borrow it. If you are willing to make one or more books available for borrowing, please write down the details (title, author, year of publication) of each book, and give this information to East Kent Area Meeting web manager, who will ensure that the details are uploaded onto this web page, along with your name (as the willing lender). It would be especially valuable were you to write a paragraph about the book and what it is about the book that makes you believe that others would benefit from reading it. If you to are sufficiently tech-savvy, you might even be willing to provide a digital photograph of the book, but please do not allow these additional requests to dissuade you from participating.

It might be a good idea for the lender to write their name and contact details inside the book, and to make a note for themselves of who borrowed it and when. If the book does not get returned then it ceases to be in circulation, which somewhat defeats the intention of this undertaking. On the other hand, some Friends may have books with which they would be happy to part more permanently provided that the book remained in circulation.

It is hoped that in this way, Folkestone Friends will come to know and understand each other better. From Advices & Queries 18: “Seek to know one another in the things which are eternal.”

Books available to be shared

(None to date, but you might like to be the first to offer.)