Folkestone Meeting: In Our Own Words …

Folkestone: In Our Own Words …

To give a flavour of the atmosphere in our meeting, those who come have been invited to say briefly:

  • What makes them want to come.
  • What they like about it.
  • What they get out of it.

Here’s what they’re saying:

“It’s the warm, welcoming, open-minded community which attracts me. People who accept diversity and difference in others. Whatever your spiritual beliefs or sexual orientation, this is a space to explore what is meaningful for you and dive deep, without dogma.”

“I like the silence… the space to connect with my spirit and that of others. It is tangible.”

“I enjoy the contributions that people make from their essence and which often stir something in me too. This creates the feeling that we are connected by invisible threads of humanity. It is actually quite an intimate experience which deepens and enhances my life.”

“In the stillness I find I become receptive to what others want to say, and feel safe to say what matters to me. This honest sharing draws us together.”

“Quaker meetings are for me an antidote to the absurd pace of life, to superficiality, to soundbites, to unthinking grabbing and consumption.”

“I welcome the lack of expectations… that I must turn up every week, that I must speak every time I go. I am therefore released to be myself as I am. It is a freeing thing.”

I love the warm welcome which is always there despite the fact that perhaps I haven’t attended for a while.

What draws me to Quakers is the experience of silence and what emerges out of this. In the company of collective stillness, I find connection, and I am deeply moved by how each heart expresses some essential truth.

“It gives us the freedom to listen inwards, no one telling us what to believe or think or do, no distractions, just the quiet space in which we can tune in our own and each other’s hearts.”