Faversham Meeting: In Our Own Words …

Faversham: In Our Own Words …

Bare data about a Quaker Meeting neither suggests what it is that makes those who attend want to do so, nor what it is that they like about the Meeting, nor even what they get out of attending the Meeting. To offer a sense of what Faversham Meeting feels like, those who attend are invited to say briefly:

  • What makes you want to attend Faversham Meeting?
  • What do you like about Faversham Meeting?
  • What do you get out of attending Faversham Meeting?

It would be most helpful were you to write down your responses to these questions, and to send these thoughts to Danny Chesterman for inclusion below.

What attending the Meeting for Worship means for one regular attender:

“I’ve never been able to grasp the idea of a God ‘out there’. In the beautiful silence of a Quaker meeting I try to focus my heart and mind on the good positive forces in the world and hope to draw strength to express some of them in a small way myself in the coming week. There is an astonishing feeling of adventure in a communal silence where there is space for us to change, to heal, to grow and to have a small vision that all things are possible.” (Dot Percival)

Why another Faversham Friend was drawn to the Quakers:

“I was drawn to Quakers by their warm welcome, openness, and their curiosity about difference. It seemed to me that they were particularly good at setting aside judgements and getting to know the person’s experience … from a place of acceptance and compassion. I was surprised to find they weren’t all soft and fluffy … and could be quite passionate and challenging at times … but always with a sense of being on a journey together to discover what will move us towards  truth, peace and justice rather than sitting in the comfort of having ‘found it’. As the Society has on one of its posters … ‘Come to Quakers … and have your answers questioned’ ” (Danny Chesterman)