History of Quakers in Deal

Is there any history of Quakers in Deal? I can find little or no reference to there having been Quakers in Deal, apart, maybe, from some possible 18th century marriages, although when, where and involving whom I have no idea.


Was there a nineteenth century Quaker Mission to Betteshanger colliery? Did Quakers set up any ‘ragged schools’? Was there Quaker involvement in the local workhouses?


How did the current meeting get started? Who and why? Is there any relationship between Dover Meeting closing and Deal Meeting starting?

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  1. There is a dance published by Johnson 1748 entitled the fair quaker of deal its other title is sailors dance.

    1. Thank you for this. I have checked it out and am fascinated. The melody (a jig) is delightful, and the English country dance would be fun to perform. The melody was composed in direct response to experience of Deal and the welcoming people who lived there. I wonder if the reference to a “fair Quaker” suggests a possible romantic interest.

  2. Deal is listed in the ‘suffering of Quakers’ when in 1660 a number of men were arrested in Deal and put into the castle there.
    I was researching my 8xgreatgrandfather who was amongst them, and died in prison in 1665 for not paying tithes.
    Hoping that you would have more information.

    1. David, thank you for your comment and observation. I regret to admit that I did not know that there were Quakers in Deal from the earliest days of Quakerism. As you may know, many Quakers were imprisoned for their beliefs, and many suffered. Even today, one of the primary institutions of the Religious Society of Friends is the body called ‘Meeting for Sufferings’, which dates from that time. It is impressive that you have been able to research as far back as your 8 x great grandfather.

      I live in a village called Elham, between Canterbury and Folkestone. I am informed that there was something of a riot when a van-load of police turned up to arrest local residents for non-payment of tithes – in 1923 (I believe). Problems with paying tithes was by no means limited to Quakers, and was also an issue even until relatively recently.

      Peter Hughes.

  3. Hello I am doing some family history and have come across a family called Quaker / Queaker in Deal from the late 1600s. I am wondering if this family may have become Quakers and changed their name or if it is just a coincidence. I would welcome any comments or insight. Many thanks

    1. Dorothy Baker,
      Thank you for your query. I shall pass it on to find out if we are able to throw any more light on this. If anything can be discovered, we shall get back in touch with you.
      Peter Hughes.

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