Canterbury Meeting Library Accessions 2017

Canterbury Meeting:
Library Accessions 2017

Canterbury Meeting Library has been re-catalogued.

After a thorough revision, the Library is now available to use once again. You will probably find that books have been moved to unfamiliar places! However, each section is clearly marked and you should have no trouble in finding what you want. The books have been divided into new sections, and each is colour coded, a list of these colours will be posted in the Library. The single letter of the alphabet on the colour sticker on a book’s spine is the initial letter of the author – or in the case of Biography and Autobiography, of the subject. This is to aid the re-shelving of books after return.

The new categories are:

  • Biography and Autobiography
  • Bible and Commentaries
  • Ethics and Philosophy
  • Historical
  • Quakerism (Introduction to Quakerism as a sub-section)
  • Quaker Documents
  • Social Concerns
  • Spirituality
  • Swarthmoor Lectures
  • The Arts
  • Theology
  • World Religions

Gospel of John (The) by Jean Vanier

Little History of Religion  (A) by Richard Holloway

Fortunate Universe (A) by Geraint Lewis and Luke Barnes

Faith in Politics by West C and Hall A. pub 2017

Do Humankind’s Best Days Lie Ahead? by Pinker S et al pub 2016

A Little Book of Prayer Experiments by Threlfall-Holmes M pub 2016

Environmental Economics  by Smith S published 2011 (Social Concerns)

Way of the Hermit (The)  by Aguilar M published 2017 (Spirituality)

Enough Said by Thompson M published 2016  (Ethics and Philosophy)

Seven Storey Mountain (The) by Merton T, published 1990 (Biography & Autobiography)

Good Immigrant (The) by Shukla N, published 2016 (Social Concerns)

Stars Beneath Us by Wallace P, published 2015 (Ethics & Philosophy)

Seeking Peace by Arnold J, published 2013 (Spirituality)

Quakers (The) by Dandelion P, published 2008 (Introduction to Quakerism)

Thread (The) by Kalyano A,  published 2016 (World Religions)

Silence and Speech by Allen R, published 2008 (Quakerism)

Austerity by Mendoza K, published 2017 (Social Concerns)