Canterbury Meeting Library Accessions 2016

Canterbury Meeting:
Library Accessions 2016

As always, the Library Committee welcomes donations and suggestions from the Meeting for new acquisitions.

A Man that looks on Glass: Standing up for God in the Religious Society of Friends, by Derek Guiton.

A Sustainable Life – Quaker Faith and Practice in the Renewal of Creation, by Douglas Gwyn.

Encounters with mental distress, Quaker stories, by Quaker Books

How to think about religious freedom, by Nick Spencer.

Not in God’s Name: Confronting Religious Violence, by Jonathan Sacks.

The Poetry of John Greenleaf Whittier, Edited by William Jolliff.

Trespass and Trust: Quaker Meetings and Sex Offenders, by Daphne Glazer.

Confessions of a Prison Chaplain, by Mary Brown

Environmental Politics, by Andrew Dobson

The Book of Forgiving, by Desmond Tutu

Readings for Funerals, by Mark Oakley

Inequality and the 1%, by Danny Dorling

The Quest for a Moral Compass, by Kenan Malik

God and the Gay Christian, by Matthew Vines

Words, by Harvey Gillman

From Christian to Quaker, by Tony Philpott

Changing the Prison System, by Tony Taylor

Twelve Prisoners and Quakers, by Northumbria Area Meeting

Freeing the Spirit, by Roy Stephenson

Faith in Action, by Jonathan Dale

Falling Upward, Roar R

Quakers and Other Faiths, OCCIR

Mending Broken Hearts, Rebuilding Shattered Lives (2x copies), Mombo E & Nyiramana C

Our Wonderful World, Edmunds M

A Story of the Peoples of Granada, Challis B

Quaker Faith & Practice, 5th edition (2x copies), Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Living our Beliefs, Ralph G

Missions by the Spirit, Stansell R

Our Life is Love, Martin M

Philosophy and Theology, Caputo J

Truth about Trident (The), Wallis T

Adam Curle. Radical Peacemaker,  by Tom Woodhouse and John Paul Lederach.

Through a Glass Darkly. A defence of Quaker nontheism by David Boulton.

Reform Proposals – For a Democratic United Nations and the Rule of Law, Compiled by Hanne Christensen.

Holding Faith. Creating Peace in a violent world by David Gee.

A Quaker Family in Wartime Shanghai 1940 -1946 by Marion Hope Lee.

A Language for the Inward Landscape. Spiritual wisdom from the Quaker movement by Brian Drayton and William P. Taber, Jr.

Spiritual Direction, a practical introduction by Sue Pickering.

The Library contains a number of rare and valuable books which are kept securely and not freely available on the shelves. Anyone wishing to see and consult these books can do so by asking a member of the Library Committee. However, these books can only be read in the Library, they cannot be made available on loan.

A Collection of Testimonies concerning Public Friends Deceased

Barclay’s Apology, Harrison G, 1815

Christian Doctrine, Practice and Discipline, Society of Friends, 1861

Early Friends in Surrey and Sussex (The), Marsh T, 1886

English Bible (The), Grierson H, 1942

Essays on the Evidence, Doctrine and Practical Operations of Christianity., Gurney J, 1825

Essays on the Principles of Morality, Dymond J, 1830

George Fox’s Journal Volume I, Fox G, 1836

George Fox’s Journal Volume II, Fox G, 1836

Inner Light, 1932

Journal of George Fox Volume I, Fox G, 1709

Journal of George Fox Volume II, Fox G, 1709

Journal of the Life, Labours and Travels of Thomas Shillitoe Volume II, Shillitoe T, 1839

Life of William Dewsbury (The), Smith E, 1836

Memoirs of the Life and Gospel Labours of the late Daniel Wheeler, Wheeler D, 1852

Observations on the Distinguishing Views and Practices of the Society of Friends.Gurney J, 1842

Observations on the Religious Peculiarities of the Society of Friends., Gurney J, 1824,

Penns and Peningtons (The), Webb M, 1867

Six Generations of Friends in Ireland, Richardson J, 1893

William Penn’s Journal of His Travels, Penn W, 1835