Broadstairs Meeting: In Our Own Words …

Broadstairs: In Our Own Words …

Bare data about a Quaker Meeting neither suggests what it is that makes those who attend want to do so, nor what it is that they like about the Meeting, nor even what they get out of attending the Meeting. To offer a sense of what Broadstairs Meeting feels like, those who attend are invited to say briefly:

  • What makes you want to attend Broadstairs Meeting?
  • What do you like about Broadstairs Meeting?
  • What do you get out of attending Broadstairs Meeting?

It would be most helpful were you to write down your responses to these questions, and to send these thoughts to Maxine Ryks for inclusion below. As an example, have a look at what Friends in Folkestone are saying about Folkestone Meeting.

The comments currently on this page are fictitious, and it is hoped that they will soon be replaced by actual comments made by Members and Attenders of Broadstairs Meeting.
“Broadstairs Quaker Meeting is small and perfectly formed.”
“The quality of the silence is blissful.”
“Ministry, when it happens, is always thought-provoking.”