Ashford Meeting: In Our Own Words …

Ashford: In Our Own Words …

Bare data about a Quaker Meeting neither suggests what it is that makes those who attend want to do so, nor what it is that they like about the Meeting, nor even what they get out of attending the Meeting. To offer a sense of what Ashford Meeting feels like, those who attend were invited to say briefly:

  • What makes you want to attend Ashford Meeting?
  • What do you like about Ashford Meeting?
  • What do you get out of attending Ashford Meeting?

Here is how Ashford Friends responded:

“Ashford Meeting has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.”

“As a new attender I have enjoyed the Quaker Quest evenings put on by Ashford Meeting. They have been extremely interesting and inspiring.”

“The members of Ashford Meeting are always ready to answer questions and give information.”

“I look forward to a regular time in the week for a period of stillness.”

“I feel my views and opinions will be valued even if no-one agrees with them.”

“I like the fellowship with like-minded people that I find in Ashford Meeting.”

“The silence gives time for thought in a busy world.”

“I feel there is a genuine wish amongst us to do good and become better citizens, according to our individual capabilities.”

“Sharing Meeting regularly brings us together.”

“There have been Quakers meeting in Ashford since 1655, so a sense of continuity brings me to Meeting to share the silence of those past and present.”

“Ashford Meeting gives me a sense of belonging.”

“Doing jobs for the Meeting makes me feel useful.”