Canterbury Meeting Library Accessions 2019

Canterbury Meeting:

Library Accessions 2019

The letters in brackets refer to the section of the library in which the book can be found:

  • Biography and Autobiography
  • Bible and Commentaries
  • Ethics and Philosophy
  • Historical
  • Quakerism (Introduction to Quakerism as a sub-section)
  • Quaker Documents
  • Social Concerns
  • Spirituality
  • Swarthmoor Lectures
  • The Arts
  • Theology
  • World Religions

ADELS, Jill Haak  The Wisdom of the Saints 1989 (TH)

AMBLER, Rex  Mind the Oneness – the Mystic Way of the Quakers 2017 (Q)

BARLOW, Anthony  Three Remarkable Quakers 2018 (Q)

BUTLER, John  The Red Dean of Canterbury 2011 (BAJo)

DURHAM, Geoffrey  What do Quakers Believe? 2019 (Q)

GRANT, Rhiannon  Telling the Truth about God  2019 (Q)

JARMAN, Peter  Seen and Unseen: ways of being along Quaker and Buddhist paths 2018 (SP)

MURRAY, Douglas  The Strange Death of Europe  2017 (SC)

PASSARLAY, Gulwali  The Lightless Sky: my journey to safety as a child refugee  2016 (BAPe)

RAHEB, Mitri  Faith in the Face of Empire – The Bible through Palestinian eyes 2014 (TH)

SANDY, Diana  Whatever Happened to the Quaking? 2017 (Q)

SCARLATA, Mark  Sabbath Rest  2019 (BC)

TEGMARK, Max  Life 3.0 2017 (SC)

VANSTONE, William Hubert  The Stature of Waiting 1977 (SP)

WAITE, Terry  Solitude: memories, people, places 2017 (SP)

WALL, Ginny Becoming Friends: Living & learning with Quakers 2010 (Q)