Canterbury FMH: The return of in-person Meetings for Worship

Formal documents relating to the return of in-person Meetings for Worship to Canterbury Friends Meeting House

Meetings for Worship are now being held inside Canterbury Friends Meeting House. Attendance is restricted, and permitted only by invitation.

Please find below, links to two formal documents relating to risk assessments that have been carried out to ensure that in-person Meetings for Worship are as risk-free as achievable.

Each document is in MS Word format, and can be viewed by clicking on the link, downloading the file, and then loading the file into MS Word (most easily achieved simply by clicking on the filename of the downloaded file). (If your computer is unable to read MS Word files, please let me know and I shall try to work something out.)


Canterbury FMH Garden Worship Risk Assessment 20200828

Canterbury FMH risk assessment 20210204