How to find what you are looking for

How to find what you are looking for

The website is easy to use. It works on a desktop and tablet computers, and also on smart phones. The website has many pages. At the top of each page is a main menu of links to other pages:

Simply scroll over, or click, or touch the main menu and one of the links. Most pages, like this one (see below), also have further links within the text.

Examples of what you can find

You can get a feel of the atmosphere in a Quaker Meeting, by picking one of the places listed in the drop-down menu under Quaker Meetings in Kent, and then clicking the link to In Our Own Words. Here you can read what Members are saying about the Meeting.

If you are keen to know what Quakers are currently thinking, and how they are discussing some of the things that matter to them, go to the Written Word section. Here you can read thoughtful articles and book reviews by local Quakers.

Each Local Meeting has its own sub-site. If you already attend a Local Meeting, navigate to the sub-site for your Local Meeting. When you hover the mouse cursor over the name of your Local Meeting, a menu to the right displays all the ‘outward-facing’ web pages that belong to the sub-site. A second list then displays all the ‘inward-facing’ web pages that belong to the sub-site, some of them password protected.

New material is often added to the website. If you have something you would like to contribute, please contact the Web Manager.

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