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A rich resource of information about many aspects of Britain Yearly Meeting, this website includes a full list of (over four hundred) Quaker Meetings, and news about many Quaker-related events and activities.
Young Friends General Meeting is the national organisation for young adult Quakers in Britain. Their main events are the three General Meetings which take place at Quaker Meeting Houses around the country in February, May and October each year. The weekends are open to anyone aged between 18 and 30-ish who is a Quaker, or interested in Quakerism. They offer an opportunity to meet like-minded people, and to find out more about, and influence, what young adult Friends in Britain do.
Located close to Bourneville, just south of Birmingham, UK, Woodbrooke is Europe’s only Quaker Study Centre, offering adult education since 1903. The study centre offers short courses on personal spiritual growth, theology, creative arts, and training for Quaker roles.
The Friend is a weekly Quaker magazine published in London, UK. It is the only Quaker weekly in the world, and has been published continuously since 1843.
The Young Quaker is a magazine written / edited by, and aimed at a readership of, young Friends (up to 30-ish). It is produced three times each year both printed and online.
A young woman, Lucy Moon, speaks to camera about her experience of Quakerism.
Lucy Moon explores the emotions around a temporary move out of the Quaker Meeting House.
The book of Christian discipline of the Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain
In a town a little to the north of London, UK, Watford Quakers have made some short, professional-quality videos in which local Quakers talk about their beliefs and experience. These videos demonstrate something of the range of beliefs held by modern British Quakers, and also explore what it is that draws Quakers together. The website also points to information about their historical involvement with conscientious objection.