Introduction to ‘Faith in Action’

For Quakers, the primary currency of faith is not words but action. The action can be in how a person chooses to live their life, including the kind of work that they do, their use of leisure time, and their use of resources; or in helping other people to live their lives, perhaps by their choice of occupation, or through volunteering; or by helping to change aspects of society and the world, by means of witness (such as letter writing campaigns, vigils and participating with people of other faiths), and by charitable projects and supporting charitable organisations. Indeed, for some Quakers, it is important to try to live out all three approaches. There are many people of different faiths who live their life in this way, but there are few, if any, other faiths for which this is the defining characteristic. 
In support of these ideas, Quakers have several ‘testimonies’ that relate to ‘faith in action’. It should be recognised that these Testimonies are not creeds, and are less concerned with the precise form of words used so much as the action that springs from personal spiritual experience.